Management system for a healthy work environment

A better work environment with Healthguard

Healthguard´s ambition is to create better work environments through automized handling of hazards. Healthguard helps management perform risk evaluation, create and execute measures, monitor and communicate so that everyone in the company can contribute to effective prevention, detection and management of health threats. A key part is monitoring of air quality in company locations, and air purification to minimize risk and ensure a healthy work environment.

Minimize sick leaves

Healthguard integrates with the highest quality sensors for measuring air quality, and the best industry grade air purifiers in the market. Environmental data for virus and infection levels from public sources are monitored in addition to internal data from e.g. the salary system of the company, and employee registrations in Healthguard. This so that management can respond quickly, minimize risk, maintain a safe and sound work environment, and minimize the amount of sick leaves.


Efficient risk management

Most authorities require that companies plan and implement measures to minimize sickness among critical personnel. Healthguard helps you plan efficient measures adapted to your organization for prevention and quick response to threats of various severity.

Automized and systematic prevention of hazards

Your employees will know what is done to create a safe environment at any time. You get full overview, and you can quickly implement measures that your employees will be prepared for when threats appear.

A safe and sound work environment

Analyze overviews of status on air quality, sick leaves and employee health in your company. Use e.g. machine learning and big data analysis to optimize preparedness, detect and manage deviations early to ensure a safe environment for your employees.

Clean air = increased productivity

Indoor air quality has an enormous effect on people’s well-being and productivity: a healthier work environment can reduce sick leave by up to 58% and increase productivity by 61%. In addition, buildings account for 40% of global energy consumption and  33% of climate gas emissions.

Save 40% energy with air purification 

Mechanical ventilation (HVAC) typically account for half of a buildings total energy consumption. Through a combination of reducing the effect of the ventilation system and utilizing air purification, you can save 40% energy while maintaining or even improving air quality.

Quick and easy implementation

Healthguard is a fully SaaS based system that is easy to implement. We help you plan and dimension the solutions for air quality monitoring and purification. Contact sales, or register for a demo and we´ll help you get started. If you have questions, just get in touch  with us.

"To be prepared for everything - is everything"

– William Shakespeare

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