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Healthguard is a flexible and secure system built with the latest in web technology cloud components and platforms. Healthguard automizes and helps your organization handle health related threats and create a safe and sound environment for your employees.

Risk management

Most authorities require companies to evaluate risk and implement measures to prevent injuries or sickness. Healthguard gives you automized and systematic system support to perform evaluation of risks, plan and implement measures, and follow up implementation in close co-operation with your employees. The system ensures a holistic approach where measures and alert levels correspond well with identified risk elements and their probability, consequence and risk level.

Measures and Alert levels

To support a systematic approach to health preparedness, Healthguard helps your company define a structured set of measures that are flexibly activated based on your current alert levels. A measure can be active for one or more alert levels, and will automatically trigger when your alert levels change. Your company can set a company wide alert level, and also set individual alert levels per location. A measure can be configured to be applicable for locations, organization units, staff categories and projects as desired. Staff are kept continuously up to date about active measures.

Full Overview and Control

The powerful registration monitor function of Healthguard gives all managers in your company a full overview and control over current status related to sickness and health threats among their staff. From different dashboards you can see graphs, lists and charts over sick leaves, incidents, symptoms and so forth for any part of your organization you have access to. Connections between incidents are illustrated such that you can quickly see negative trends and introduce focused measures to mitigate.

User Friendly Data Analytics

Advanced filters and graphical representations makes it easier to analyze whether your measures actually work or not. A generic health preparedness challenge is to assess exactly which measure causes what effect.  Over time you will develop better knowledge and understanding about which measures have optimal effect and minimal negative consequences. You may for instance see that staff at a particular location were highly affected during a specific time period, and associate your results with their measures, as well as their organization units, and staff categories.

Quick, Simple Registrations

It only takes a few seconds to register a new sick leave or health incident in Healthguard. From your mobile app, tablet or PC all staff members can easily enter their own incidents, sick leaves and symptoms. Registrations can also be done by managers on behalf of their staff e.g. when they receive regular sick leave notifications. Per company privacy settings, vaccination and test status may also be maintained, anonymously or identified. It is important to note that it is not necessary to register comprehensive staff health data to use Healthguard efficiently. Registrations of symptoms and sick leaves, anonymously by option, is sufficient to be able to monitor status and respond properly.

Advanced Role Based Security

Healthguard has a role based, advanced security design at its core, in which access control in consistent with your formal organization structure. This means managers and staff will only be able to see sensitive information from their reports. From your senior executives, who can view your whole organization, via department managers, who can only see their unit and sub-units. Company health service workers can be granted company wide access as well.  Importantly, all staff members can also access and manage all sensitive data stored about themselves in a personal dashboard.

Privacy and Active Consents

Healthguard helps your company keep staff informed about measures in a secure and efficient manner. In order to implement health preparedness measures it is essential to include and involve your staff. And to monitor measures it is sometimes necessary to manage sensitive health data that are subject to strong government privacy directives as well as GDPR. And your management must transparently handle such strong privacy requirements. Some measure may for instance require that staff actively consents, which Healthguard helps you collect and manage. Your company must also ensure sensitive data is encrypted locally, in transport, in permanent storage and backups. It is also imperative that staff can view and request deletion of any sensitive data about themselves.

The System You Need for optimal Health Preparedness – Now and in the Future

Covid-19 has placed health preparedness firmly on the map for all companies. A structured, systematic approach is essential for efficiently ensuring a safe and sound work environment. And in critical situations it is very difficult to get an overview over all the various data sources that needs to be considered when investors, customers, press or government officials are asking hard questions during outbreaks or during financial reporting sessions. Management of health data is therefore becoming an integral part of the company’s IT infrastructure, and Healthguard gives you the tools you need to manage health preparedness, both now and in the future.

Flexible Integration

Healtguard is a flexible cloud system designed with open REST APIs. It can be integrated with HR systems for synchronization of organization- and user data. The system supports authentication via existing Google Apps and Microsoft Active Directory users, as well as via phone and email.

Modern Technologies

Healthguard is built with the latest web technologies and distributed cloud services such as Google Material UI components, Facebook’s React framework, Microsoft’s Typescript, NodeJS and Google Firebase. The system has a ‘serverless’ architecture, which offers unrestricted scale and redundancy.

Advanced Security

All health data stored in Healthguard is twice encrypted. The Firestore database is encrypted with standard Google Cloud mechanisms. Additionally, every data property is individually encrypted in the browser, such that sensitive data are not readable for personell or others with direct access to the cloud database.

"All things are ready if our mind be so"

– William Shakespeare

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