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Please choose a plan that fits your company

The Large and Enterprise plans below are priced per user, while the other plans have a fixed price.

Common Questions

Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you have any other concerns or inquiries, please contact us!

Which subscription should I chose?

Chose the package that includes the minimum number of users you expect you will need. If you wish to trial the service first, just chose the Free version for up to 9 users, and you may upgrade to a package for all your staff at any later time.

How do we make payments?

 The initial monthly payment is drawn from your bank or card details provided when you placed your order. Thereafter your monthly recurring charge is automatically drawn as per the pricing details of your chosen package.

How do we upgrade or downgrade our subscription?

Log on to your account, then select "My Subscription". You will then see an overview over your subscription including your order history. Chose "Upgrade or Downgrade", or "Cancel" to stop your subscription. Upon cancellations your subscription will remain active through the current billing period.

How do we get started?

After you have placed and order, you will receive a link to the Healthguard application that includes instructions for admin login, adding users, building your organization and registering your initial data.

How do I view my account?

After your order you will receive an email with login details for your billing account with us. Here you can view your order history, update your subscription, and manage details such as payment method, billing address and password.

Where do I find invoices and payment receipts?

An invoice and payment receipt is automatically sent to your contact email after each monthly recurring payment. You may also find your payment history by logging on to your account.

Do you still have questions?