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Clean Air & Energy Savings

In co-operation with Rensair and Airthings we offer a solution that ensures optimal indoor air quality at your premises. At the same time you can save significantly on your energy consumption! Sounds magic? We explain below.


The solution consists of three components:

  • Airthings sensors and dashboard for monitoring air quality
  • Rensair´s unique, portable air purifiers for air purification on demand
  • Healthguard for overview of status at your locations, and intiation and follow-up of corrective measures (air purification, increase/decrease HVAC effect, etc.)


Airthings sensors monitor all important elements of air quality (particulate matter, CO2, airborne chenicals (VOCs), humidity, air pressure, radon, etc) at your locations. Airthings Dashboard gives you overview of your locations, from where you can drill down and analyze status and trends for the elements in different areas of your locations.


With Rensair´s unique, patented and certified technology you can clean the air at your locations for 99.97% of the pollution detected by Airthings sensors. The air purifiers are portable, easy to handle, and have great design. You do not need purifiers for every room or space, but can easily move a purifier to an area where monitoring has shown that purification is needed, and quickly restore optimal air quality.


Healthguard´s cloud based app gives you full overview and control of the air quality for your entire business. Essential data collected from Airthings gives overview of status for each location. Automized notifications are configured that inform facility managers when purification is needed. Advanced dashboards with graphic views enables easy analysis of the coherence between air quality, purification and ventilation.

Opportunity: save 40% energy consumption

Rensair´s air purifiers consume minimal energy compared to ventilation systems (HVAC).  Balancing the effect of running the ventilation system with air purification can save 40% energy consumption.

Easy implementation

We help you plan, dimension, implement and maintain the solution:

  • Free walkthrough and potential site visit to understand your organisation, roles and users of the solution, building plans, how the buildings are used (room occupancy vs time), existing ventilation, etc.
  • Based on the above we provide a tailored proposal on air sensors and purifiers with placement and cost, in addition to organisation, users and roles for the Healthguard app.
  • Ongoing support, follow-up and maintenance. Maintenande is simple. Airthings sensors need replacement of batteries with several years intervals. Rensair purifiers need replacement of HEPA filter after approximately 9.000 hours use, and the replacement is quick and easy to do self.

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