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Hospital grade portable air purification from Rensair

The Rensair Portable Hospital-Grade Air Purification system has been used by Scandinavian hospitals for over a decade.  Using HEPA13 filters and UVC light, Rensair removes airborne pollutants  and kills bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. Don’t just trap – destroy with >99.97% effectiveness. The Rensair air purifier destroys viruses and bacteria while most conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap. It is a patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology incl. HEPA13 filters and UVC light. It is hospital grade air purification made portable. Rensair’s unique composition of the technology makes the difference. The position of the UVC light directed on the filter surface puts trapped pollutants under constant exposure. This exposure breaks down the DNA and RNA hence destroying all trapped pollutants. Destruction on the filter surface further reduces the potential for contact with hazardous material during filter change. Rensair’s ability to destroy more than 99.97% of airborne viruses (incl. coronavirus) & bacteria has been documented by independent laboratories.

RENSAIR Core 560

Clears a 45m³ room in 1.3 mins

Patented airflow: maximises clean air delivery and traps and destroys 99.97%+ of particles including Covid-19

Technology recommended as effective and safe by the WHO, CDC, EPA and SAGE

Outperforms major brands: unique combination of HEPA and UVC both traps and destroys

Reassurance in an unregulated market: validated by DTI, EuroFins, ESI Group and Norconsult

Rensair Core 560 purifiers are offered both for purchase and rental for more than 5 units. Please select your prefered alternative below.

RENSAIR AirBubbl 38

Eliminates in-vehicle air pollution

Twin fans release purified air at both ends, delivering 38m3 per hour

Removes 99%+ of particles and noxious gases, including VOCs

Rigorously crash tested and independently certified by IUTA and Institut Pasteur

Simply connect to a car USB or power adaptor

Designed for portability – car, desktop and home